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> East European politics societies, t. 27 (2013)

East European politics societies, t. 27 (2013)

East European politics societies
t. 27 (2013)

How Bosnia Changed Paddy
Jonathan May

ANDRICISM : An Aesthetics for Genocide
Rusmir Mahmutcehajic

The Failure of Cohabitation : Explaining the 2007 and 2012 Institutional Crises in Romania
Sergiu Gherghina and Sergiu Miscoiu

Multiculturalism in Post-Ohrid Macedonia : Some Philosophical Reflections
George Vasilev

Rediscovering the Mediterranean Characteristics of the Croatian Media System
Zrinjka Perusko

State Strategies of Resisting Social Accountability : Post-Soviet Insights
Mihai Varga

The Kidnapping of Wroclaw’s Dwarves : The Symbolic Politics of Neoliberalism in Urban East-Central Europe
Hana Cervinkova